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Hosoo sings and plays traditional Mongolian songs, explains the contents of the songs and tells the audience about the history and technique of this fascinating music. HOSOO was born into a family of khoomei singers and grew up in the home of khoomei singing, the province of Chandman Sum in Khovd. This province lies in the Altai mountain region of Western Mongolia.

Hosoo's family sang khoomei during his childhood in an ensemble of thirty from their village.

Hosoo has been practising khoomei since he was seven so he has been involved with this art of singing for over thirty years.

Hosoo is called a master of khoomei even throat singing. The specificity of this technique is that the singer simultaneously produces two notes: a long-drawn buzzing tone, over which the melody rises to great heights. It can be sung as many as three-part harmonies.

Hosoo was awarded the title of "Best Mongolian Singer" in Ulan Bator.